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SMS-SERIES MPPT Solar charge controller
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MPPT solar charge controller use for superior solar system, control and adjust current and voltage from solar pannels to charge batteries, coordinate balance between solar cells and battery and DC load,which makes the system operate more efficiently. MPPT technology sets the solar cells working on V-A curve the Max tracking point always, which improve 30% utilization rate of the solar cells.

High converting efficiency higher than 97%
for minimizing energy loss
● Build-in MPPT tracker for optimizing the power transformation
● Reversed current protection for preventing equipment damage
● Automatic battery temperature compensation for long-term reliability
● Capable of selecting different charging mode for various type of batteries
● Capable of connecting additional DC load for wider applications
● Three stage charge control system (bulk, absorption, and float mode) with temperature compensation
● LED indicators display charge status in real time
● Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) topology combined with a multi-stage charge control algorithm leads to superior charging and enhanced battery performance