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1. How to select proper inverter?
Before purchasing any inverter, the following questions should be made clearly: DC voltage, loading size and type . Generally, DC voltage of the inverter has only one grade, users can choose corresponding inverter according to DC power supply. Loading size and type are the important factors that users should consider when select any inverter. Maximum output power of inverter is fixed, if choose loading with compressor, its starting power will exceed several times of rated power, so inverters with big output power have to be chosen as a result.

2. What kind of inverters?
Architectural diversity certainly results in the diversity of solar-panel installation. In order to get the highest solar conversion efficiency and make artistic architectural appearance, inverter diversity is required to realize the optimal conversion. There are several popular types of solar inverter:
Central inverter
Central inverter is generally applied in the system of large PV power plant (>10kw). Many collateral PV strings are connected to DC input terminal of same one central inverter, big-power inverter takes three-phase IGBT generally, while small-power inverters take FET. DSP conversion controller is used to improve output power quality simultaneously to make it extremely close sine wave current. The biggest feature for the system is big power and low cost. However, PV string matching and partial shadow will affect the efficiency and power capacity of the whole PV system. Meanwhile, generating reliability of the whole system is influenced by bad working condition of a certain PV unit group. The latest research is to get high efficiency with partial load by the modulation and control of space vector, as well as developing new topology connection.
Sunforest central inverter can be added an interface box of PV array to monitor PV panel strings, if one group string works abnormally, the system will send the info to remote controller, as well as suspend this string by remote control to avoid the reduction of the whole system capacity resulted from the failure of that string.
String inverter
String inverter has become the most popular inverter in the world. String inverter is based on the concept of modularization, every PV string 1kW-5kW goes through one inverter, which has MPP tracking at DC point, and is parallel connected to the grid at AC point. Many large PV power plants are using string inverters. The advantages are not being affected by shading and differences among strings, and reducing the situations of the optimal working place of solar panels.

3. Why need solar inverter?
Solar inverter is a kind of device that changes direct current to alternating current. It can provide power for AC load in the conditions of no AC. It can be applied to the following sites: 1. cars, ships and airplanes: inverter can provide power for AC load by use of DC power of these vehicles. 2. In the places of no power, inverter can provide AC for users with other generating equipment (solar energy, wind energy and all kinds of fuel generators). For example, inverter can be assorted with diesel generator to shorten working time of the generator, save fuel and reduce generating cost. 3. Provide temporary AC power by use of portable power.